(Ages 9 - 15)

The Kali Combat Kids Program uses the art of Kali as a vehicle for teaching youth practical self-defense and peace-keeping skills as well as the importance of diligence, complete effort, team work and leadership. Students are empowered resulting in self-confidence and gain a clearer understanding of the value of respect for one’s self and others.

In our ranking system not all students will progress at the same pace. For this reason, we evaluate students based on individual skills and proficiency in addition to attendance, effort, patience, discipline and overall character. This truly demonstrates the real meaning of our Kali Warrior art and helps children incorporate it into their daily lives.

We believe in the values and benefits that Kali will provide to all people especially children. Our focus is on the development of our young students in four major categories physical, intellectual, emotional and social.

Instructor: Sifu/Guru Kamille Louis