(Ages 9 - 15)

The Shorin-Ryu Karate program is structured in traditional Okinawan self-defense. This class is taught for the 9 to 15 age group. Shorin Ryu is one of the four original Okinawan styles of karate. Traditional teaching techniques are used that date back through a long lineage of proven effectiveness. In focusing on perfection of technique, the student is taught a mix of defense and offense employing both speed, agility, and power.

At this age, the simple etiquette used in this training generates the courtesy, discipline and respect that leads to awareness of one’s physical abilities and goal setting. The technical skills learned in Karate will improve the student's self-confidence as well as help them do their best in other activities and sports. The reward for this training, even more so than self-defense, is the development of character traits that benefit the student at home, school or work.

Instructor: Sensei Nick Dominguez