Blended Fighting Arts Under One Functional System

The Art

Kali Combat System teaches effective empty hand and weapon fighting in all ranges of combat. We have enhanced our Chinese and Filipino strong combat base by cohesively blending fighting concepts and methods from several traditional martial arts, mostly the devastating weapon based warrior art of Filipino Kali, the effective fighting arts of Kuntao Silat and Wing Chun Gung Fu, the proven grappling art of Jiu Jitsu, and the internal healing art of Tai Chi. Our Integrated Kali Combat System is functional, comprehensive, and realistic. The art is up to date and perfectly suited for today's modern environment.


You are never too old to learn, we teach a functional combat system that focuses on realistic fighting and practical self defense. It is a traditional art with up to date methods of teaching.


You will learn striking and grappling stand up and ground as well as weapon fighting and defense in all ranges of combat.


As you advance and develop your skills, you will become a confident well-rounded fighter capable of effectively defending yourself and loved ones if needed. You will also improve in health and fitness level while having fun, and making friends with good people of similar interests.


The ultimate objective of the art is to help the student lead a positive way of life and continue to evolve into being one with mind, body, and spirit. Kuntao Kali does that by providing the way of the warrior as an option to follow, a true traditional path that will lead to enlightenment in the mind, health in the body, and honesty in the heart.