Internal Arts

Tai Chi

Internal Health & Wellbeing Art

Tai Chi is a great therapeutic art that has been medically proven to offer various health benefits. It is for anyone who would like to stay healthy, strong, and move with grace and ease as they get older. Slow movements and relaxation are distinctive features of its practice. In addition Tai Chi could be very effective for self defense with proper instructions and regular practice. Every movement has applications for defense.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong are compatible arts.


Internal Health & Wellbeing Art

Qigong is an internal art similar to Yoga. It involves mental, physical, and meditative training by using specific traditional postures, exercises, and techniques. The goal is to Strengthen the body, sharpen the mind, and lift up the spirit with the ultimate objective of developing ones natural energy to improve total well being.

Benefits of Tai Chi & QiGong

Medically Proven Benefits:


Help alleviate joint pain and build strengths in muscles.


Remarkable decreases in falls.

Bone Density

Increases bone density.

Respiratory System

Improves respiratory function especially lungs capabilities, and breathing.


Builds endurance and increases energy level.


Helps reduce blood sugar level.


Strengthen the immune system.

High Blood Pressure

Proven to lower blood pressure.


Excellent activity for stress relief.