(Ages 5 - 8)

The Little Warriors Program is a safe, fun and rewarding introductory martial arts class for children ages 4 to 8. During the instruction, your child is introduced to basic, yet simple and effective martial arts techniques. This is done through various games and exercises that hold their attention while encouraging and challenging them as they develop skills in balance, hand-eye coordination, self-control, concentration and teamwork. These skills eventually lead to your child developing self-confidence and positive social and life skills.

A belt promotion system is used based on the particular child’s accomplishments, effort and attitude. Each promotion is a positive reinforcement for what they have accomplished and the starting point for their next accomplishment. Their accomplishments can, and usually do, vary from student to student. For this reason, each student is given the individual attention and encouragement they need to build on their own accomplishments.

To jump ahead to the future, when your child leaves the Little Warriors program, he/she will have improved motor skills, be more respectful and courteous and have greater self-control and self-confidence. However, I think the most important lesson they will take with them is that a determined effort will bring rewards as your child work hard to earn each promotion. I believe this is a lesson that will carry with them into the future as they mature, and will help them set and reach whatever goals they wish to achieve.

Instructor: Sensei Nick Dominguez